Packing it up

I have moved twice in my life, once to an apartment with little to nothing to move minus my clothing, and the move to our first home with a little more then clothing.  Nine years later we are moving for the third time and hopefully the last time to the family farm.  With this move we have way more items, stuff, some junk, and two children that have a TON of toys each.

Lets talk about packing with children, its sooo hard.  Every time I pack some of their stuff its like Christmas for them and they want to pull out all the toys that they haven’t played with for months but because its in a different place so its new again.  So, all that was packed became unpacked and all over the floor that was once cleaned but no longer.

Another stressful and hard part about this moving process is not being able to have all the foods in the home that I would normally have like frozen veggies, tons of fruits, and other healthy ingredients for delicious meals.  We’ve been trying to have easier meals on hand so we can pack up dishes and pots and pans.  A lot of the easier meals are the frozen family dinners in a bag or Mac & Cheese.  They are very good and good to have once in a while (in my eyes) but I know they are high in sodium and some of the ingredients aren’t the greatest.  I keep reminding myself that this is only temporarily and soon I will be able to cook our favorite healthy meals in our new home. I would take some pictures of the HUGE mess going on in the home or some food we have but I had packed my sweet camera.  The joys of moving and soon unpacking.  Thank goodness for Google Images.

Take Care and God Bless



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